Planning & implementation

Planning tools include:

Goal setting

Business plan

Financial forecasting

Marketing strategy

Marketing tactics

Action plans

Support includes:

Feedback on plans

Accountability strategies

Progress chasing

Peer support

Email and phone calls

Motivational tools


Training and business development topics include:

Understanding your target customer

Competing effectively

Finding business development opportunities

Pricing strategies

Acquiring new customers

Decision making

Time management and prioritising

Dealing with overwhelm

Maintaining motivation

Working with staff and virtual help

Generating new ideas


And more as requested by members




Each month we’ll look at a different aspect of marketing; topics are likely to include:

Your marketing funnel

Getting your message right

Becoming the ‘go to’ business

Social media

Online marketing

Blogging and article writing

Direct mail

Public relations

Speaking and exhibiting


Measuring results


And more as requested by members

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