Is this you?

Lack of time. Too few customers. Lack of Focus. Do you face these challenges in your business? Perhaps you have too many ideas, struggle to determine your priorities or face a constant battle to get paid what you are worth. Maybe you are tempted to keep your prices low in order to retain and win customers. Perhaps you are struggling to win market share because you have so many competitors. Running a small or micro business is challenging. Customers must come first and it is difficult to make time for business development. It can be tempting to flit from idea to idea without giving each one time to flourish. It can be hard to be objective about business decisions when we are working alone. Maintaining momentum and motivation becomes difficult when we only have ourselves to report to.


Could you use help to…

  • Develop achievable and relevant goals for the next 12 months and longer?
  • Identify the strategies needed to achieve your goals?
  • Turn your strategies into achievable action plans?
  • Evaluate and try out your ideas?
  • Sort out your priorities?
  • Focus on the things that will help your business to grow?
  • Charge what you are worth?
  • Find ways to become your prospect’s first choice?
  • Get things done?

Would you like…

  • Someone to bounce ideas around with?
  • New marketing tactics?
  • An achievable business and marketing plan for the next 12 months?
  • To learn what works for other micro business owners?
  • Easy to follow how to instructions for a range of business and marketing activities?
  • An objective, outside perspective on your business?
  • Someone to help you focus and to hold you to account for the objectives you set yourself?
  • Support and advice from an experienced business coach without it costing you an arm and a leg?
  • Encouragement and challenge from a group of your peers without it costing you £000s to join a Mastermind group?

Welcome to plan for results

Getting resultsPlan for results’ is a membership programme designed to help small, micro and start up businesses to grow. It offers a combination of training, inspiration, support and challenge to help you to grow your business. There are bite sized activities to help you to develop your business and marketing plans.There are videos and ‘how to…’  guides; interviews and success stories, decision making tools, and coaching calls. There’s a private Facebook group to share challenges and successes with your peers. Above all there is individual, confidential support for your business provided by an experienced business coach and trainer. This is a flexible programme that will work around you, your business and your life. Yes, I understand that you have a life that isn’t all about business (or you should have!) Don’t miss out on our early bird offer! Join our mailing list today and look out for your invitation (we promise not to spam you and will never share your details and, of course, you can unsubscribe at any time. This could be just the help you’ve been waiting for.

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